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Sending one input stream to many commands in Linux

Hello guys! I was seeking a way to process Apache’s access_log file by several parsers simultaneously. Usually I do it in a straight way: $ webalizer access_log & $ awstats access_log & When access_log is small, this is OK. But if access_log is large, like 15Gb, it is better to read it only once. We… Read more »

Duplicity backup with hard-links

Hi there! –°urrent version of Duplicity doesn’t preserve hard-links, so I’ve created a workaround to make it possible. Why hard-links are important ? Any Linux distribution has many system hard-links. If you want to do a Full System Backup of Linux you must backup hard-links carefully, or you will meet nasty problems after restore. For… Read more »

Duplicity vs Rsync / Boxbackup / Duplicati / Amanda for Linux backup

Hello guys! First of all, I want to say that Duplicity is excellent backup software for Linux! I tried Boxbackup / Duplicati / Amanda / Rsync and can compare them. Lets look what Duplicity has: Backups are compressed and encrypted and you can encrypt them with just a pass-phrase. No need in hard-to-hide, easy-to-lose keys…. Read more »